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Browser Hijack/Locked Task Manager/Fake Spyware

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Hello all,

Ive recently encountered browser hijacking, my desktop has changed to a menacing screen, and i cant start any programs because theyre infected says "Totaly Security" which i assume is some malware ive picked up.

I used to pay for spywayre doctor and AVG but my subscriptions run out and i didnt have the funds to renew them, i started to use antivir after a recommendation from this site sometime ago, when i encountered another serious problem (desktop hijack/couldnt view pictures)

I cant start antivir (or any other program such as hijack this or ATF) the task manager is locked and the desktop is a menacing short paragraph or so! I downloaded ad aware when the browser hijacks started, with the intention of downloading kaspersky and everything else recommended in the *READ THIS FIRST* post, but i didnt get to it quick enough it would seem!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I think this one is a tough cookie!

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Did you try getting around the problem by going to safe mode?
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