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Virus i cant delete - not even with avast,iobit,spyware doctor ....?

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my computer has been acting up lately really slow and making weird noises and my screen goes blank alot.
and i have something on my computer which has been identified by avast as a virus the file name is ixzzqx everytime i switch on my computer avast tells me i need to delete the file so i try to delete then it says i need to reboot so i restart my computer but no matter how many times i delete and reboot avast gives me the same message over and over again ,i tried going to the source folder and deleting it but i gget an error message saying the file cant be deleted ive tried programmes like spyware doctor,avg ,iobit , adavanced system care cccleaner ,malwarebytes,registry meachanic, but still no help.
anyone know a way of removing this damn file from my computer it's causing so many problems i dont know what else i can do.
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have you tried safemode as administrator? check in msconfig\startup to see if it is there & also all programs\startup.
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Hi, Not sure if this is your problem but I have a very effective process for removing Malware/Virus.

If the below programs do not load change their .exe file name (not the shortcut)to something like iexplorer.exe and they will work fine.

Do not run more than one spyware/malware program at once (they might conflict) you may also have to disable you Anti Virus temperarly to scan with them.

Most effective in the following order:
1. Malware bytes:

2. ComboFix:

3. SDFix:

4. SmitfraudFix:

5. SpyBot Search and Destroy:

Also ensure you have the newest version of java as some of the old one's have vulnerabilities.
Other things to consider if you dont already do them a third part firewall, as windows firewall only block incoming traffic, if you are infected you want something like ZoneAlarm which will block outgoing traffic also. Please ensure Windows Firewall is switched off if you install a third party firewall.
Install firefox browser 3.5 only (very resistant to getting compromised)
Install returnil (free version) can beused instead of antispyware software, when enabled it seperates the hard drive from the internet, no known/unknown virus/spyware will defeat this software.
Another program more powerful than returnil (cannot be installed together) is comodo time machine (freeware). You can installed this on a clean computer and it will make a baseline snapshot. Before you go on the internet you can create a new snapshot (takes 3 seconds), if you run into problems/malware just restore your computer to this snapshot. It's similar to windows system restore but much more powerful especially against bad drivers/software/malware.

Finally use a free imaging software (macrium reflect) to make an image backup of your c: drive while it's clean. Worst case scenario you can restore your computer to a like new windows condition without spending hours reinstalling windows.

I hope this helps. Part of my reply was quoted by user jony218 - Senior Member

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