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Archos 5 to Computer Music Transfer

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My Computer crashed and I lost my music collection. I had a cloud backup service, but they seem to have lost about 1/3 of the music. My Archos 5 has about 90% of my music collection. I've copied music from my computer to the Archos in the past with Windows Media Player. Now I'm wondering how to move it the other direction. I also moved my playlists to my Archos. Archos has more folders than the Music folder that WMP was using. It has folders for Album and Playlist in addition to Music. I'm in the process of copying the Music folder to my PC in a special folder so it won't yet populate WMP, should I screw things up. Any advice on how I can best transfer everything back to PC so my music, playlists and album art all show?
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moved to correct forum. a good reason for not using cloud services. copy & paste thru windows explorer?
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