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change from realtek to microsoft audio device

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hi guys i need to change my audio devise from realtek to something else (windows/other) im using windows 7 and when every i go to play a game the pc freezes ive found out that its something to do with realtek because if i disable all sound the game works fine just no sound can you tell my how to do this and what is best to use
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Not possible realtek is hardware, only two options is uninstall realtek thru device manager then reboot & see if it worked if not go see if there are any driver updates,if still no luck you may have to get a PCI soundcard,if the sondcard is already a pci uninstall it & move it's position

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ac97 or hd audio from realtek?
Originally posted by ddp:
ac97 or hd audio from realtek?
thanks for the replys

@ddp its realtek hd audio sorry forgot to mention in first post im going to update realtek today and see if that works but realy dont like use it
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