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I'm sure this must have been posted before, but can anyone direct me to a decent DVD converter, one that will convert avi's, mp4's, divx etc etc.

I've tried Flick DVD and AVStoDVD. Flick DVD took 3 hours then crashed on me, and AVStoDVD was very poor quality.

I essentially need something that will combine a subtitle file, can create an ISO file and can convert to DVD/ISO without much loss to the quality. Not too fussed about creating fancy menu's either

I don't mind paying a couple of bob for something decent.

By the way, I'm not tech savvy. I don't know much about encoding bitrates or QUenc ot HenC.

Thanks in advance
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Many opt for ConvertXtoDVD for paid software.
I think AVStoDVD is excellent inasmuch as DVD Flick is now abandonware.
In any case the quality of the output is not going to be better than the source - silk purses out of sow's ears etc.

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I have been using ConvertX2Dvd for some time - both version 4 and now version 5. Never had a problem and completed Dvd's seem to run on almost anything. Well worth the money IMO and hassle free.
Support has been excellent and updates are automatic.
(I have no affiliation with the vendor, just a satisfied user).

Not sure about ISO's as I have never had the occasion to use one.
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Thanks for all the input guys.
I tried ConvertXtoDVD and then AVStoDVD and prefer the AVStoDVD. It's less fidgety and I can't fault the results.

Thanks again to everyone who posted :)
i have used convertxtodvd and 4media dvd creator.for quality and speed im going with 4media dvd creator
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