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Copy protected CD for PDF - files

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Could you tell me how can I produce a copy protected CD for PDF - files?
It should be that no body could copy it from that CD to any other device such as hard-disk, CD, pen-drive, etc.?
Please help.
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Wouldn't it be easier to password protect the PDF files or zip them with a password.
moved to correct forum due to poster's blindness as not a "ps2-cd backup" issue. copy protection does not work as there are programs to break that protection.
Password protection will not give copy protection.
You are selling your CD with password protection. You have to give him the password to him to open the file. The person who bought the CD can sell that CD by duplicating the CD.
We have no control to stop him.
So password protection will not help our purpose.
PDF protected even with certificates can be copied.
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