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Creating restore discs for Acer Aspire V5 Touch

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Just got this laptop (Acer Aspire V5 Touch) and can't figure out how to create restore discs. Most laptops have a way to burn your own discs to restore the laptop to factory conditions if needed. I can't figure out how to do. Is there some other way to do it so if I ever get a new HDD for it or if I just want to go back to the way it was when I bought it?
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Go grab easeus todo backup its free & start making system images,it'd pay to make two copies & place 1 on a backup drive & the other on a different drive,its a lot faster than using restore discs to get machine back to where it was best of all the last image you make (i make 3 that i keep permanently at differing intervals of install the 1st being fresh with minimal 3rd party stuff added) will be of a fully updated OS including all software,from this point you just make daily or weekly or monthly throw away backups but always keeping most recent image as space becomes low

edit: yes you use them to recover an infected comp or a hardware failure of hdd
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