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Hello, I am trying to create a multiboot USB from my boot programs and ISO's. I am using a 16 gb kingston thumb drive. I am using a grub boot menu but I am having a hard time creating the boot list of programs for the grub menu.

color blue/black yellow/blue
timeout 120

title Hiren's Boot Disk ver 15.1
kernel /memdisk
initrd /HBCD/boot.gz

title Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
map (hd0,0)/UBCD.iso
This is the list I have started to create, only problem is, I dont know what files to tell grub to boot. Neither of these show up on the list.

I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to finding the proper boot file for each and proper code for grub.

I have like fifteen iso's. Is there a list or do i have to research each one?
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