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I purchased this product over the internet last night. It wont allow me to put in the lisence # in, can't navigate to that page alI can get is Register or If already registered click here. Neither option does me any good, it still thinks I am in the trial version. I clicked register for a second time with no better results except I ended up with a log in that later said it was invalid. I checked my bank acct. and I have paid for it twice.I have filled out 3 help tickets and I get an e-mail saying click this link do not reply to t his e-mail which brings me back to I cant even log in. It sent another e-mail saying to reset my password click this link and I do it takes me to the Register Now page and without changing password I am logged in. I am at my wits end, can someone a person hopefully (lol) help me. I will be eternally grateful.

Linda Stewart
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moved to correct forum as not a "buy stuff" issue. post edited.
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