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im looking for a simple to use and free drive copy software.all i want to do is copy everything on my main drive to my slave.thanks in advance.Al.
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looks good thanks.Al.know any other download links?keeps sending me to cnet and wants to include mkj toolbar or something.cant seem to clear the checkboxes to not install beginning to be a little disgusted with cnet.
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go back to cnet whats below the green download button however its unlikely its what your after,if you want to clone then use easeus todo backup,or if this is nothing more than data transfer & not an OS then:
syncback portable,
microsoft richtool

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aldan, who makes your drive?
both my drives are 500gb WD. yeah scorp,i tried your first suggestion and ultimately it took me to the same place.i can understand that cnet wants to make a few bucks but they have gotten a little ridiculous lately.i used to download from there all the time.will check out the other links.Al.
i meant at cnet below the green download button is the direct download link for jst's suggestion however it seems easeus no longer do a free version of easeus todo backup tho softpedia shows one there

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tried macrium reflect free edition and i gotta say it was so simple to did exactly what i wanted and fast.i can boot of either of my hard drives so if something happens backup is a snap.i would recommend this program for sure.thanks for the input guys.Al.
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