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How to recover over written video's

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I have a laptop with XP Prof OS & four partitions in NTFS format (C,D,E & F drives). Six months back I changed the OS into Windows 7 (Not in quick format mode). But, the OS is not functining properly. So, again I changed the OS to XP Prof. in normal formating mode. For OS I used "C" drive only. Remaining drives are not formatted.

I kept all my video's & photos in "F" drive.

Now, Whatever the video files are there in previous XP Prof. OS(Useing XP OS is the same CD with key before & present)those are not playing. Photos are also not opening. It says, data is over written(video's (avi format)/JPEG format photos). I used Stellar phonics data recovery tool & few other data recovery softwares. I am able to recover all those video's & photes with the name and date which I gave, But, those are not opening. All my efforts are in vain. How can I restore those videos again?
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You can try and use this program called Recuva and see if it works.You can download it from this link below from Afterdawn.

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Dear JST1946,
I tryied with Recuva. I downloaded from the link given by you. But, unfortunately the result is not fruitful. Anyhow, thank you very much for your support.
this isnt an ipod we are talking about here.
The data on f shouldn't require any recovery if it wasn't formatted & was left intact when you installed whatever,when you access drive F from windows you should see the files that were there before is this the case

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I need to recover some video files from my Canon Legria which I'm afraid were overwritten. Does anyone knows if this is possible. Many thanks for any help.
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