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Issues burning Windows/Mac CDs for software distribution

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I have developed a software application for Windows and Mac. I want to burn it, along with installation programs to a CD. I plan to use either a Windows 7 or 8 machine to burn the CDs.

I started out burning the CD on a Windows 7 machine using Windows' "Mastered" CD/DVD burn option. This worked fine on Windows but didn't work at all on Mac.

Next I burned the same CD on a Windows 8 machine using Windows' standard "Burn a Disk" tool and the "Live File System" (like a USB flash drive) option. This seems to be inconsistent on both Windows and Mac. I loaded the burned CD on a Windows 7 computer. The first CD worked great. The second CD (virtually identical content) looked fine. I ran the install program which appeared to work. However, the results were wrong - the files weren't copied properly and the desktop shortcut pointed to the wrong location. I copied the files from the "bad" CD to the Windows 7 hard drive, re-ran the install and everything worked perfectly. I repeated this experiment on Mac (OS 10.6) and it behaved the same way as on Windows 7.

I can only conclude that there's something about the CD burning process that is wrong. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? I'm open to buying a tool for the burn process if necessary but I need the solution to be able to product consistently correct CDs.

Thanks. B.
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