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Need advice for All Video Software selection

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I am using WinXP pro and have not had time in the last ten years
to really devote a lot of time with experimenting with all the software
programs and now I am perplexed as to what the optimum mix of video
software should be such as I dont know what to do with WinMedia Player,
REAL, Quicktime, DIVX etc etc. I only rarely play a CD or DVD music
and I keep getting conflicts as everytime I go to update one of the
above mentioned software I have to choose which is default for what
type of file types etc and often I am getting conflicts etc.
Please someone that really knows tell me which to use and avoid etc.
Scott in Atlanta
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WinMedia Player,
REAL, Quicktime, DIVX etc etc
Uninstall the lot (with the exception of DivX, keep the codec, uninstall the player).

Install VLC and make it your default player; it should be ample for your needs.

Could you clarify what you mean by "the player"

Is there a DIVX player? So Uninstall all the DIVX except keep
the codec. Right ?

So VLC is a video program that covers all the formats of Win Media,
REAL, Quicktime etc etc. Good to know. I was a one time software
developer and if I am having a hard time organizing all the video
contestants than I guess real laymen PC users are pulling their hair
out. Somehow that all should be managed or minimized.

I will go google VLC and see what it is all about.
Here is the link for VLC media player if you want the latest version.

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Yes there's a separate DivX player which is an unnecessary video player they tend to bundle in when you install the codec (ie what you need to play certain divx videos).

VLC comes bundled with all the codecs you should require, though, so that is the best route for your needs in my opinion.

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