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Need help recovering data fom reformated hd. I have tried recuva and get data back.

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I thought I backed up my documens wich had mw HAWX game save in it. But It was not backed up.

I have tried using rucuva and even looked at the guide here but I wasnt able to get my documens back.

I have also tried getdataback, with no luck. but I stuck to just the basics with getdataback.

Any advice or advanced tactics would be great.
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have you tried photorec? It's a free software that comes with testdisk, it can recover many different formats. Some people here in the forums have had good results with this program.
I am in the process of using photo rec. i tried using it but my destination did not have enough space.

I will clear my external then I should be ok.

I have noticed the program doesnt list the drive with xp first.
How can I be sure I am recovering the correct drive(the one with xp on it)?

how can I be sure Im picking the right destination drive? I dont what to save the files by mistake to the drive I want to recover?

my third and final question is what do i do after i have recovered the the files? they are only identified by a number. How do I identify them?
i think i am just going to give up. its just a game save and its fun to play through anyway. besides i used getdata back and thand did not find it plus i dont know the name of the game save file. i would have to find it in the hawx folder.
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