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Offline Update for XP ect

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For those of you that may want to hold on to XP after 4/8/14 you might want to look into an off-line update utility. If run on 4/8/14 you can store away all the updates for XP on a DVD so you can apply all the updates to a a recently installed XP after the updates are unavailable.

A warning for you die-hards, there is speculation that a few or more '0 day exploits' will be released in April. April fool's day comes to my mind, 4-1-14. The patch team will have been laid off or reallocated by that time. If they are a huge problem, M$ will just say "I told you so" you should have updated to Win8 when we advised you to. The updates will be around for some time but they will 'dissapear' some day with out much notice. It is a greate tool to keep around.
I use this to update my restored image of C: drive before I connect to the internet. I like to have as much security inplace as I can before I connect.

more info and a link to download
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MS are stopping future updates after the cutoff point,not removing current updates from download,in other words all updates issued before the cutoff point will STILL be available for download after the cutoff point until ms close the download server & that has not been scheduled nor is it likely to be,all updates issued are still available for download for win 98,me,2000

edit: a fresh install of xp should automatically have avast free antivirus & comodo firewall installed before anything else (or preferred security are) apart from creating an image
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