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RTMPDump Help?!?!

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Is there anyone on here that wants to do some things for me that involve RTMPDump? I know absolutely nothing about the software, so I really need you guys' help. What I need is for you to generate some code for me based off of some flash video URLs. Here's the first one:
Keep in mind there's 4 different codes for this URL as the video is broken into 4 parts. And after that I have like 20 more URLs so yeah, there's quite a bit of work to be done. Can anyone PLEASE help get me these codes, so I can download the videos? I would really, really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance! :)
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is what you want to do actually legal?
I certainly hope so. A lot of other people have done this type of thing with no trouble, and I have downloaded a few small videos in the past this way. Do you think I'll get in trouble for it? More importantly, can you help me with this? I'd be extremely greatful if you or anyone else can offer me any help! All I need are the RTMPE codes. Thanks in advance for any help!!!! :)
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