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Stupid problems with SUPER© Video Converter Software

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SUPER© is an excellent piece of equipment if you want to convert one media file type into another. I have used it for several years, and it is everything that the developers say it is!

However, I have two (rather stupid, I suppose) problems that I hope somebody can help me with. First, how can I minimize SUPER© to the task bar? Pushing the "minimize" button usually does no good at all (sometimes it works, but maybe once in 200~300 attempts, or even less frequently). If I minimize it by minimizing everything (showing the desktop), it pops right back again whenever I open ANYTHING else, whether that be a folder or file on my computer, or an internet link. Love it though I do, sometimes I want to do other things without having SUPER© stare me in the face! I can find no controls or options that will allow me to adjust this.

My second problem (again, with SUPER©) is this: How can one get SUPER© to align with the top of the monitor screen rather than center itself on the screen? For some reason it insists on remaining centered on the screen. This was always problematic to some extent, since the bottom is invariably underneath the lower task bar, but since I have an expanded the tray (so I have two rows of icons rather than one), the bottom two rows of buttons are perpetually hidden and so inaccessible. So it is difficult to access "Player Options" and the sometimes very necessary "Cancel All" buttons! The SUPER© FAQ states that (spelling errors in the original corrected) "It is well mentioned on the download web page in the "required minimum configuration" section that the interface of SUPER © requires 1024 x 768 video resolution or larger. The install SETUP file was initially set to disable the installation for smaller resolutions. We received tons of emails asking to enable the installation even with low resolutions. Therefore, we enabled the installation of SUPER © on low resolutions screens to let the user decide by himself whether to increase his screen resolution or live with it as it is!" So that is what they have to say (I hope the entire team wakes up some morning to discover that their eyesight is failing and so they need to set their machine for lower resolutions); however, the resolution on my machine is perfectly fine if there is some way to move the SUPER© up so that it aligns with the top of the screen. Any suggestions, anyone?

I would like to thank you for reading, and for any help which you might be able to give. Please have a good day, everyone.

-- Daniel M. Burkus
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