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Tversity 1.9.6 with all options unlocked for free

Let me start off by stating this guide is to use a security exploit and is not for piracy and can't be proven to be piracy as the program has no idea which subscription its using which you will find out later.

For those that are not familar with Tversity it is a program that uses UpNp A/V (Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video) in simpler terms it plays movies over your home network or internet depending on the settings you choose. This program not only allows you to stream movies and tv show you have downloaded including your music and pictures to other computers but it goes to other devices as well including ipod touch, iphone, psp, xbox 360, ps3, etc... even has youtube and hulu streaming support for hulu free episodes. For a more detailed and full description visit their website here link

Moving on:

So many of you are happy I am sure to download Tversity but for those of you that have already got the free version of 1.9.6 have probably noticed that it does not support ipod touch and other features are lacked in as well. To unlock this it is simple even a new user to installation could do this.

first download this link don't worry its directly from the official sites server. Then run it and install you will get to the point after opening it asks you for registration it will not let you get further until you enter your credentials, I had entered email: and the key I used I can't remember how many times but I put 000-000-000-000 it then will go on installing, make sure you get the toolbar installed as well as it will make adding hulu episode's/movies much easier. Then under about you will see you have pro this is not accurate, restart your PC, you will now notice in about it says unknown to everything except version, if you restart the app it will say pro once again, my theory is this is because the license key is linked right into the registry and the registry is taking those 0's as variables and not values. So there you go you now have a mixed unknown/pro account I don't consider this piracy as it's tricking the registry but not cracking or modifying it. You can experiment with different keys and let me know if it is just a default or if my theory is correct. This I am sure goes against the programs TOS but then again what doesn't with almost anything these days it, please don't delete as this is less offensive then modifying a console.

There is no such thing as restricted, its only a matter of how far you will push your mind.
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