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Video_ts (.ifo) to AVI/DivX/MPEG/MP4 etc?

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So basically, I ripped this (below) off of a DVD from DVD Decrypt, and was now wondering how to convert it to AVI or any of the other formats above. Ive looked on Google but with no luck :/

I just want a software that can convert the multiple .ifo files^ into one complete AVI file (seeing as it is one movie). Any help please?

Also, I'm a new user so I can't upload pringscreens to the actual Video_ts

Thank you, any help is welcome!
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In converting to AVI, you only get the main movie - no trailers, extras or menus.

Try AutoGK.
In this particular rip, VTS_10 is the main movie (the largest group of files) - yours will probably be different.

Run AutoGK and browse to the IFO file associated with these files (it's VTS_10_0.IFO) and open it.
Select an output path.
Select the language.
Set Target Quality, Add Job and Start.

Thank you! you're a beast
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