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I am looking for a program to convert multiple (vts) video to make a (avi) movie. I had a computer made just for video editing and I am just starting to use it.

I have these Programs already installed: DVDFAB 8,Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate,VirtualDub,Vagas Pro v11,AutoGK,DivX Converter,Nero 10.

Will any of these programs do what I want ? Can I find "online" pdf manuals for these ? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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AutoGK is old, simple, accurate and reliable.
Select the .IFO file that corresponds to the main title (often, but not always, VTS_01_0.IFO).
Choose an output path and name;select audio;subtitles if wanted and the desired quality.
Add the task to the queue and either load more jobs or click 'Start'.

Thank you " attar " I knew I had a program but was not sure which one it was.
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