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Windows server 2008 and usage for sharing files, and havingseperate desktops

Hi everyone,

sorry the subject wasn't so clear, but I had acquired a dell computer with a fresh copy of windows server 2008. There are no roles assigned, no domain, no forest, looks clear. I haven't really touched 2008, (never touched 2011, somehow I helped a friend out with it) pretty much all I can really remember is setting up a domain. I have three things I want to get accomplished.

I want to be able to log in to the domain from any client computer with the same user name (one at a time) when logging in, I want everything to be saved and ran from the server. Meaning if I have a few files on the desktop on one client, I can log off, go to another client and the desktop is the same. Maybe just the files, not programs?

I want to automatically add shares to the computer anytime any user logs on. As much as I read about it, windows 7/vista network filesharing feels like pulling teeth somehow at times I can get it to work.

Last but not least have a way of dropping files into certain user account folders.

The dell computer I have has 4gb ram, and one nic. I can add another if needed. The client computers all have windows 7 professional on them. One has ultimate. There are three clients so far. I also have a mac mini, I'd like to be able to access a share from time to time.

The windows computers, I have the restore disc for one of them, I'm going to ask for the others in case if they are needed.

Any help, suggestions, and question are all appreciated.
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