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All new games freeze at startup

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Well there it basically is. I just bought Dirt 3 and Hitman absolution but unlike previous games such as Far cry 3 and COD Blacops 2 they totally freezes my computer just few seconds after double clicking the game exe or pressing play from the autorun. Nothing works after that its just like screencap of my desktop with absolutely no mouse or keyboard control. i have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. intel core quad q6600 2.4. 8gb RAM, ATI radeon HD4800 series and 850 w nexus power. i have all the latest drivers and updates to everything .

The best gun is shotgun !
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Comoon anyone? im still having the same issue .. i double click any game exe and whole cpu freezes .

The best gun is shotgun !
did you check those games site(s) for faq & patches\updates?
What ddp said, and uninstall, clean registry etc, reinstall your graphics drivers - make sure they're up to date. Download and run memtest86+ (Google it) to check your RAM for faults.

Everything else working normally?

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