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call of duty black ops -no code

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on ebay my son made me buy call of duty black ops .It said "No Code"
“Does not include Steam code. Includes everything else (case, discs & leaflet information) un opened "
The "No Code" was not highlighted.I am new to all this and now belatedly discover people are saying this is just a coaster.

Do not buy from Ebay. Not with PC games at least. Console games are okay but PC games require a legit cd key to be online/online play.
Pretty much this. If the CD key was already used then you're just buying a coaster, as the disc will be quite literally useless."

I thought that the game could be played offline as well but installation wants the code .
Lots of big claims online but no luck finding a cracked code.
Some even claim that ebay actually ban sale of these no code games ?
Anyone clarify?

"i just tried last night to sell my retail discs of black ops and modern warfare 2 on ebay for $45 dollars .. but the listing was removed.
the message said that ebay doesnt allow people to sell accounts.
that made me angry because i wasnt selling my steam account.. i was selling my modern warefare 2 cd's and black ops dvd in their retail packaging.
the steam account simply comes with it"
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this game is awsome i have ended it 2 times but still want to play it agian
I want to play it too. Where to buy it ?

Do my best
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