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Difficulty installing need for speed most wanted 2012 edition.

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Orgin launches then I choose the installation destination. Then, everything hangs up and the main progress bar saw preparing to install. The status area within the origin window says that it is downloading some kind of data.

This process continued for at least a half an hour with nothing else changing. I have the physical disk and I was not trying to install through a downloadable copy.

How can I remedy this problem? Thank you in advance for the help.
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does the computer meet or exceed the game requirements? can you try another optical drive to install the game? try washing the disk as maybe fingerprints on bottom side of disk.
The computer does meet the minimum requirements.

I will try using another optical drive.

The disc was fresh out of the case and it does not appear to be damaged in any way.
Everything seems to be okay now. I tried a different optical drive and that seems to have taken care of everything. I don't have much experience with origin but, I would have thought based on what I was experiencing that origin was the problem.
teach & learn.
Originally posted by ddp:
teach & learn.
I always enjoyed tinkering with computers as a hobby. I'm a recent graduate and do not have a job. So I've been staying away from computers because that can lead you to a very expensive and unnecessary purchase.

But, it's amazing how quickly the knowledge and abilities you used to have become relegated to a corner of your mind that is filled with cobwebs, leading you to do stupid things and to be unsure of things you used to be able to handle. Although, lately I have been trying to be more active on this forum, just because I enjoy it.
been playing around computers since the mid 80's & ibm types since 1990. from dos 3 upto win7.
That is a wealth and variety of experience.
& i'm still learning.
That's the way to be. I think we would all be better off if most people were willing to learn as opposed to telling you how much they know.
what disability do you have as i remember reading a post you are in a wheelchair?
Yeah, I have cerebral palsy. I use a power wheelchair.
i've got the same but not in a wheel chair or at least not for the forseeable future. had my legs operated on twice, when i was 3yrs old then when i was 10 yrs old. found out a few years ago what causes cp.
It's sort of like the common cold. It's fairly generic. Technically, I think it is defined as any brain injury occurring under three years of age. Or you can have it from birth. I have it from birth. With no real explanation as to what caused it.

What condition do you have?
the cp was caused before we were born. we as in you & i had a stroke when we were a fetus. your stroke was major enough to have you in a wheel chair for life wereas mine wasn't that major but enough that damage was done which is why the 2 operations on my legs. the cp affects both my legs, my left arm somewhat & sometimes my speech.
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better download new vwesion
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