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Installing and Playing PC Game Torrent?

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Alright. I downloaded this torrent for my niece, Zoo Tycoon, from TPB. I already have WinRAR and Daemon Tools Lite, which is what I was told I needed to unRAR the RAR file it gave me and mount the image onto a virtual drive. So, I did the extracting with WinRAR. Then I got confused for some reason (although now I see it could have been much simpler) and mounted the necessary files with DT. I went through all the steps of replacing the zoo.exe in the new installed file in the correct directory with the original zoo.exe from the cracked file it gave me. Now there's a desktop icon for the game and I can open it just fine. At first, everything runs smoothly; it loads, the sounds are clean, and the quality is fine... but once it loads to %100, it immediately goes back to my desktop. :/

By the way, the files from the Torrent are:
and the Crack folder with two folders; ZOO_TYCN and MARINE, since I downloaded the complete collection:
ZOO_TYCN contains:
MARINE contains:
another zoo.exe

If someone could PLEASE run this by me step by step, that would be much appreciated. I don't have much experience with software... All of the programs I have are WinRAR, Power ISO, and Daemon Tools Lite. And I'm using Windows 7. I realise Zoo Tycoon is a bit of an old game, and is made for XP, 2000, etc... that's not the issue. I can run as admnistrator and it'll act as if it's Windows 2000 and such... I just need the game to work! My niece loves this game so much, and I can't find it in any local gamestores... and it's expensive for me to get it ordered online (I usually use Amazon for my electronics), since I'm in New Zealand.

Try the Snozzberries, mate. ;)
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Discussion of piracy isn't allowed, but you've probably just got a dodgy torrent.

this discussion will probably get closed due to advice look at the user comments on TPB.

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closed due to above reasons.
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