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sir, first of all i am new on ps2 as well Afterdawn. i have two ps2, model SCPH90004, slim, moded with Matrix chip, with infinity 1.93, can play copied games as well from usb 250gb hdd transcan loading by memory card with openps2loader, on both the consol. now i want to copy and play games from my other Seagate 120gb IDE ext hdd. i have tried like, formatting first with NTFS, then formated to ps2 by Winhip 28bit, loaded Prince of Persia TTT first make ISO by dvddecrypter to pc hd then load it with winhip. but after connecting it to ps2 (first no jumper then jumper on master) and booting the OPL screen displays but no game list. I doubt that my hdd is not detected as the loading wheel at the bottom right corner running. I have again change it from 28 bit to 48 bit by winhip, but same result.
Please can anybody help me to guide step by step procedure to install games on my hdd and to play from ps2. Please give clear steps. i was confused at various sites discussion. i have downloaded, Winhip, Usb extreme, usb advance, etc from sks. please help me. I have also a 200gb ide hdd to be loaded. Thanks
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the hard drive has to be formated by the usb loader you are using not winhip winhip is worthless because you are not using the stock 40 gig hard drive for ps2
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