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Best place to purchase an R4i card for 3ds

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hi, as the title says, I am looking to get an r4i card, have looked on the net, but there are so many sites with varying prices, I am little wary.

where would the best place be to get one if based in the uk ?

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sorry, i don't know any uk based site for you to buy the r4 flashcart, here is one us based site, and make sure if you plan to buy the r4 card, just buy r4i gold 3ds from r4ids,cn, here do not buy other clone r4 card.
far as i knew,the most famous r4i card was r4i gold 3ds from,using wood firmware and a quicker updating.Maybe as you know,now 3ds firmware has been updated to v4.4.0-10,r4i gold 3ds can work perfectly on it.If you choose official website,you will find tons of official store to provide preflashed r4i gold 3ds,so you dont need any updating,such as and so on.
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Thanks for all your responses, I have ordered one from gamekool, and ordered the R4i gold 3DS, with wood firmware..

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