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can i use dstwo card for 3ds

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Hi, my son has a dsi xl, i got him a dstwo card so he has a large amount of games that he use through the dstwo card... if i got him a 3ds for xmas can he use the dstwo card in the 3ds? are all the backup games he already has compatible with the 3ds??

is there anything else i need to know or is it just straight forward?

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thanks for the reply, so if i got a card for the 3ds games (not sure what it's called) will i only be able to put 3ds games on that card or will i be able to play both game from the card, ds and 3ds? just wondering whether i need to have 2 different cards or 1 card to play a mixer of games...


Originally posted by kylemills:
Yes you can use dstwo card for 3ds will support all function of it. for using 3d games you can update your card by searching in major search engine.
Thats what he wasn't asking he was asking can you play 3ds games on the card the answer is no because 3ds roms although easy to dump cannot be played because everytime nintendo updates there firmware they keep adding new security to prevent us from doing so which sucks
I thought you could play backup 3ds games... i assumed this because i have seen a r4 3ds card for sale ... getting confused now lol

At present,there havnt any cards can play 3ds games,even back up 3ds games. all cards can just play nds games,inclued r4isdhc 3ds you referred . hope it will help you clear this confusion. :D
hey,dude...what are the differences between supercard dstwo and r4i gold 3ds, which one should i choose???

i've got my supercard dstwo from, it works great, the dstwo is well worth the money i think.
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Supercard dstwo card has more powerful features than r4i gold 3ds, such as real time save, real time menu, real time cheat, slow motion, play videos for different formats, play gba games and other emulators. R4i gold 3ds is the basic card has the normal features. play ds games, play moonshell, cheat features. DStwo is much more expensive for its features. Both of them are working great on the latest 3ds and dsi firmware. both of them are good cards. If you only need a flash cart that play ds games with simple features, easy to use. then choose r4i gold 3ds. if you want to enjoy the highlight features, then buy dstwo. More details, check here:
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