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Complete newbie - 3DS V4.5.0-10 how to find a flashcart

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Got a 3DS with V4.5.0-10 as a gift.

I'd like to find/use a flashcart with it. I know very little of flashcarts but just from looking at prices and some posts it seems r4i gold 3ds and r4-shdc 3ds are good options.

As I understand:

1. NOT all versions of 4i gold 3ds or r4-shdc 3ds are ready (as "plug and play") for V4.5.0-10. They may need to be patched/flashed and for that usually you need another DS (which I don't have access to). Correct?

2. Hence, I need to buy specific versions of these cards 4i gold 3ds (revision "C") or r4-shdc 3ds ("v4.5"), which are ready to be plugged in and work in a V4.5.0-10 system. Correct?

3. When I buy one of these cards, is the micro SD only for the purpose of ROMS? or does it have software used by the flashcart to work with V4.5.0-10?

4. Where can I buy (US shipping) 4i gold 3ds (revision "C") or r4-shdc 3ds ("v4.5") from a trusted site?

Again, complete newbie here, trying to understand how to find/use a cart. Thanks.
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Far as i knew,many store provided pre-flashed flashcart without any updating needed ,here is one of official store maybe you can reference :
All settled.

I got a card (, slower shipping than expected for being in the US, but product works). Installed the kernell and loaded some games. Thanks!

Will play around and see what other questions arise. Thanks.
i bought a new 3ds xl console last week, and it seems that my acekard 2i has been blocked, i was attempting to buy a new card.....will the r4i gold 3ds work on my new console?
yeah christopher , do not buy acekard 2i for your 3ds xl. acekard 2i can not work on your latest 3ds xl, just buy the r4i gold 3ds card. and make sure it is a pre flashed one that working on your 3ds XL. will be working great on your new 3DS XL.
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