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DS Lite touch screen won't calibrate...

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Hi! ^o^

I was fixing a DS Lite for somebody and had to buy a replacement digitizer as the one that was on the console originally was knackered. So fitted the new digitizer and it appears to be working fine when trying to calibrate it, but the calibration tool on the DS won't complete. The touch screen doesn't respond out of the calibration tool, as it isn't calibrated. Just wondering if anybody knows what the problem may be...? o.0

Thanks for your help.
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it wont calibrate b'cos its faulty, u need a replacement touch screen.
Yes your screen is probably goosed, or have you made sure the ribbon is push right into the connector, anywho you can get new ones for as little as a couple of dollars delivered from the usual places, Dealextreme, Focalprice, little bit more expensive on ebay.
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