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DSi update firmware to v1.45!

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Originally posted by Preetycatty:
News from GBA temp, the DSi firmware update to v1.45 yesterday. Many flashcart get block again but we know they will break it soon.

Here is the cards which break the update already:

dstwo: after the dsi update no more than half day, dstwo released a new kernel DSTWO EOS v1.11, use it dstwo can work on dsi v1.45 without any updating!

r4i-sdhc 3ds: just the new cards which has a "v4.5" mark on lable with gray color. this card can work on 3DS v4.5 and DSi v1.45 out of box

r4igold 3ds: official released the patch. the patch for dsi v1.45 and 3DS v4.5 which the card pcb number is C but not deep labyrinth icon, we know the pcb number C with deep labyrinth icon can work on 3DS v4.5 directly.
I just got my r4i gold 3ds card when I put it in my dsixl I get the "error has occurred. tun off the system and refer to the manual for help" My dsixl is running 1.45 but it works perfectly in my 3ds which has 4.5. It plays the games and when brought up has the deep labyrinth icon. They site I got it from dsflashcart told me before I even bought it that it would work with both and was updated to support the newest firmware (even says so on their site and product page). Do you have any idea how i can fix this and get it to work on my dsi xl as well?
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I recently brought a used dsi xl with the 1.45u patch and my r4i-sdhc 3ds will not work. I even updated the kernals.
The sdhc cart has no upate "yet". On a compleatly different note, i have the r4i3ds gold cart from my dsi xl is running 1.45u the cart works fine but the 3ds running 5.0.0-11u get the error has occured crap. The cart has been updated to the wood1.57 and the os is the ndsi 1.45 & 3ds 4.5.0-10. i have read that there is no flash for 5.0.0-11 as the card should work without an update. The cards board is marked with te revision C. Any ideas what i did wrong?
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