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Is there currently a way to back up 3DS games?

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Hey Everyone,

I'm not sure if this is possible yet, but it seems some cards have support for the 3DS and its games, but I don't seem to be able to find information on backing up your games. Is there a tutorial anywhere or information on how to back up your 3DS games? I assume loading them is similar to the process for the DS and DSi.

Any point in the right direction for getting started with the 3DS would be super helpful. Thanks!
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There aren't any backup methods for 3DS games yet. There are support for the flashcards working on the 3DS, but it's to play DS/DSi games, not 3DS games.

No way to do it .............but it will eventually when the 3DS games are jailbroken in future. now all of the flashcards including DSTwo are only running DS mode nintendo 3DS ......
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