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R4i SDHC - "" - white screen

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I'm aware that ALL R4 cards that have anything other than "R4DS" on them are fake/clones. But most of them still work.

I bought an R4i SDHC card earlier today, it looks exactly the same as the "Official" ones, but the website written on it is "". I've tried pretty much everything I can think of/find anything on google that works. I've been at it for around four hours. lol.

It has a yellow V1.4 sticker on it, and the word "upgrade".

Things i've tried:

Firmwares in the zips R4i English V1.14b, en_1.55.rar,, ENGLISH.rar,, and English_1.4(1).rar. All from different sources/forum posts/"Official" websites.

The issue:

No matter what I try, I get a white screen for about two seconds, then a split-second flash of black, followed by a white screen for eternity.

Does anyone have an R4i SDHC from that works? What firmware are you using? Did you have issues? Is the white screen symptomatic of a different issue?

Other details:

I've tried four different SD cards, of sizes between 2gb and 8gb, one is not an SDHC.

The whitescreen/blackflash still occurs on a DS Lite, (my main is a DSi).
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Look at the R4-v and there is loads of different softwares dependant on your sticker - I think you should be on 1.42

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Sakura for the M3Real - Amazing Firmware
Oh My GOD. I spent around 8 hours trying to get it to work. I was just about to throw the unit out, dismissing it as faulty. lmao.

Linfox had the appropriate firmware. Thankyou so much! Is there a forum reputation tool I can use to say thanks meaningfully? lol.
I'm having the same exact issue although going through the walkthroughs I'm not clear on which version firmware I should be using. From your description, I have the exact same box with R4i at the top, followed by SDHC in green lettering and a yellow sun logo with V1.4. Below that it reads R4I-SDHC Upgrade and the website it refers to is I just want to be 100% on downloading the new firmware and where I place it (do I need to have it remain in a folder?)

I'd say 50-60% of games are working with the current set up however the ones I want to play most, ie. Metroid Hunters, Mario Kart are booting to white screens (you hear Mario's voice in MK, Nintendo logo faintly appears in Metroid, most others are just blank white screens). Any helpful tips as you got it to work would be greatly appreciated.

I also have some SNES and Genesis game files but I can't get the emulators to work for them. Where can I find the latest emulator software for the DS? And do I need an emulator to run GBA games as well?

Lastly, although I'm able to play mp3's on it, I can't find a way to play video files. What format videos works with the card? I've tried mpeg and avi and neither have worked (says not supported).
One other thing I should note, when I start up my system it says v 1.33 in the lower left hand corner. I'm just not sure what I should upgrade to as the site has firmware for v 1.3 which would seemingly take me back a step.
Guess the issue is with the card as after trying all the software, it all ends up the same with some games being supported and some not. At least, that's the best I can determine it. If anyone else has any thoughts, love to hear them.


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