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R4iGold, should I update 3.0.0-6u first?

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Hey, Newbie here to DS stuff. My kids have 3DS's one is at 4.5.0-10U and the other is at 3.0.0-6U. I just got the R4i Gold cards since I know they support the newest firmware(4.5.0-10U right?). The question I have is about the one that my one son did not update. Do I leave it at 3.0.0-6U or do I update right now while the newest version is supported before they push a newer update that is not?
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There's no reason to update the 3DS firmware unless you want to access the online shop or some other online feature. If you're into the modding world the lower the firmware version the better. If your card r4i gold is the model even some of the rev C cards cannot use the 4.5 firmware upgrade bypass. If the card came with a dorasu icon, then the card cannot be upgraded to work in a 4.5 model. If it can work with 4.5, make sure you upgrade the card before upgrading the 3DS.
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