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The Ace3ds pro supports 3DS games!?

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thank god where can i buy one
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Originally posted by eliecer:
The ace3ds pro has been added to many websites..but the card seems ultimate expensive.....maybe Ill buy the card if its less than $50 o.O
what site i like to get one
So you either can use it like any other Ace3ds card and play .NDS roms or you're limited to one 3ds game on the card at a time? Sounds like a pain in the arse to have to copy a game to the card every time you want to play a different one or have a micro sd per game ya have which could add up in cost
Originally posted by eliecer:
I cant post links at the moment, but you can google thegamerdepot to find it
i just did omg they want $999.00 for one card they can go to hell i email ace3ds the card going to be about the same cost as they old card.
i just find it here for 37.21 US Dollar
You can keep an eye on the official site of
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