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What to do with 2 3ds's a very interesting idea

So let me explain my story i started with 1 3ds a zelda limited edition 3ds and now i have a 3ds xl in my collection of handhelds as well.

So the questions started coming in to my e-mail box from my 3ds freinds...

and i got a great idea on how to cheat with a 3ds no flash cart or hacks required.

This has to do with the different ways the system's communicate the 3ds picks up users with other 3ds's quite fast but the 3ds xl takes much longer and misses people via streetpass on several occasions making the 3ds xl a pain to collect puzzle pieces and characters for find mii as well.

So my friends recommended set up both 3ds use one to cheat by having the 3ds xl send the puzzle pieces to the 3ds i was like cool because that would make unlocking the extra hats and other items in find mii easy as well well i am happy to report it works .

So if you want to cheat or you have all the puzzle pieces and hats on one and want them on the other then you can use this trick so you don't have to system transfer
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