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Are there any other p2p programs similar to imesh?

I downloaded imesh and I thought I had found the perfect p2p program in the world. Well, actually if you don't have a portable mp3 player and all of your music is just going to stay on the computer, then I guess imesh is the perfect p2p program for you.

But that's not the case for me as I have an ipod that I frequently update. The thing with imesh is, although its great and amazing, the majority of their music is DRM protected in .wma format. When you try to put those songs on your ipod, it will tell you that it's in .wma format and then when it tries to convert it for you, it doesn't work because of the DRM.

What I was wondering was if there are any other programs out there that are similar to imesh, except ones that aren't infested with DRM protected files.
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