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when i try to download from a bit torrent site, no downloading happens?...I havent had this problem befor?.....


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You have not provided enough information for anyone to have an idea what your problem is. There is probably a thousand ways for that to happen. You might even be banned from the site.
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OK.......well, usually when I click on a torrent it automaticly starts leeching. I havent changed any settings on my computer. But now when I try to download a file, nothing happens? The file shows up in my bit torrent site as "stream" but no leeching or downloading takes place? I havent been banned from any sites.....can you give me an idea where to start looking for solutions?
How long has this problem been going on? Has anything changed, as hardware, or anything differently that you have been doing??

I havent change any setting.
Originally posted by agustus5:
I havent change any setting.
it's not a change in your computer its a change in bit torrent let me explain the new cas system went into affect cas stands for copyright assessment system your isp is blocking the torrent because it violates someones copyrighted works
#7 how do I over come this obstacle?
Originally posted by agustus5: how do I over come this obstacle?
Don't panic lol What bit torrent client do you use? Has it been recently updated? Do you only use 1 tracker or a few? Have you checked the allowed client list on the trackers you visit?

Basically what I'm trying to say is --> Check the (FAQ) on the torrent tracker you use and make sure the version of utorrent or whatever is allowed. You might need to downgrade but I'm just taking a shot in the dark like others :)

No time for Leap frog!!!
ok.........the client is isoHunt. I tried to see if its been upated, and no luck. as far as tracker, i am pretty sure i just use one. is there another bit torrent site that is good, that will let me down load unlimitedly?

Your client is not Isohunt (tracker), do you have a program like utorrent, Vuze etc (client). Kickass is a good site but useless unless you have a client to open the downloaded file in.
ok.........I use Isohunt with bitorrent........maybe I dont understand what a "tracker" is? could you explain? and what is a client?

Tracker: "A server on the Internet that acts to coordinate the action of BitTorrent clients. When you open a torrent, your machine contacts the tracker and asks for a list of peers to contact. Periodically throughout the transfer, your machine will check in with the tracker, telling it how much you've downloaded and uploaded, how much you have left before finishing, and the state you're in (starting, finished download, stopping.) If a tracker is down and you try to open a torrent, you will be unable to connect. If a tracker goes down during a torrent (i.e., you have already connected at some point and are already talking to peers), you will be able to continue transferring with those peers, but no new peers will be able to contact you. Often tracker errors are temporary, so the best thing to do is just wait and leave the client open to continue trying." Your client is Bitorrent, could be utorrent, Vuze, whatever application you use to download. Updating your client can resolve downloading issues, for example, an older version of utorrent didn't connect for mke but an updated one did. Have you changed ISP's since this began? Bit dated but this site explains a bit: Brian's Bitorrent FAQ and Guide
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I have not changed ISP's. So I should update my bitorrent software?....and then try again?

You can give that a shot, make sure any torrent you select has plenty of seeds. And, to contradict my own advice, this version of utorrent is used by myself and others with no problems. Bitorrent and utorrent are identical, last I checked, so you won't have any problems there:
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