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bitcomet and port forwarding

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ive been using bitcomet since it first came out yes i know its not the greatest but its always done the job i know about port forwarding cause ive done it since i found out how to do it on bitcomet my problem is i have everything set up on my linksys e3000 and my cable providers modem i have everything set up the way it should be but it wont download like it should i have a 10mbs line and and anytime it can reach 15mbs my problem is that bitcomet says my listen port of tcp is blocked by firewall but i checked it and its enabled is there anything i can do to get my downloads to be back to 1200kbs

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Could be your IP address is needs to be static, PortForward has a guide, more likely your ISP is throttling you, don't know how current this list is:
nope brighthouse networks is not on there

Check your IP address at Command Prompt is the one you forwarded, Start>Programs>Accessories, open Command Prompt, type in ipconfig/all and hit enter. I still suspect your ISP, do you know of anyone else using this ISP torrenting successfully? Have you checked Windows Firewall, if you use it?
no homo but i love you i total forgot to check it the way you just said i thought i saved that link in my profile but i didnt thanks alot man

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