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Connection confusion- need help or referral

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I have a windows xp operated system. I have been using mutorrent for several months and surfing the net simultaneously. Lately, when I turn on mutorrent after several minutes my internet stops functioning, completely!
But according to "Network Connections" in my control panel, Im still connected, however when I check "Network Places", in the start menu and click on My web sites on MSN I get the error message:" Documents in this folder not available............". What is wrong?

Thanks for your help.
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I suspect you have picked up a bot net. Torrent users are favorite targets of bot nets.

If you don't find and remove it you will be blamed for any torrents you download or anything else they may do. If police to come to your door you will be made accountable for any violation they can find, such as what ever you downloaded using mutorrent. It is well worth formatting your hard disk to get rid of it. The going rate is 3,000 USDs per movie.
If you have a restore point that predates the problem, try it.

If you have a firewall, configure it to block everything outgoing.
Anything outgoing will have to ask permission, you can then decide if it's legit or not.
I think ZoneAlarm has a free version.

If you can't get a good restore, turn off backup until it's resolved.
Most bot nets will act as an add-on for your browser or something else that already has firewall access. They infect as a legal update not as a virus so they are often missed by even a good AV.

The restore point will work if the problem is fairly new.
Originally posted by stevefridel:
If you have some connection confusion than change your internet network in your PC. You have to check all process of related connection and it is also help to increase the speed of your PC. If its not working than you need help to other connection and manage the network.
You do not have a clue as to what you are talking about. This is the second post you made yesterday that your response didn't even address the question posted.

The original poster has maleware that is interfering with normal transmissions so that it can use all the band width for its own purposes. This is not good because the owner is partially responsible for the crimes their computer is doing. I know of a local that had his door smashed in, all his computer equipment was taken while he watched handcuffed. 60 days later he got his equipment back but the police did not pay for any damages. He was probably classified as legally responsible but had been duped so they did not try to prosecute. The timing was such that his computer was one of the computers that attacked the Pentagon.
comodo firewall is free if you decide to install it use the 2nd option its the next one down from "enterprise strentgth" ,the installer can also install their antivirus/malware realtime scanner you could try it out however i suspect you'll find it's more of a hassle than whats it's worth,not to worry its easy to uninstall

Don't forget to read the help file or it's tutorial & make sure once installed you right click on system tray icon & enable sandbox & check firewall setting & defence level are set to safe mode,you can also setup the anitvirus from there as well or remove it

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

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Mez.. if it's one of mine it's in EVERY restore point..

I really should not screw myself over like this.. showing people how to undo the good things I do.. I think this is what you have (from my personal experience)

:: please note.. if it's one of mine (has "pfx_add++3" or similar at that registry location.. anything "pfx" will be at some time through my hands) it's "Kasperskyproof".. but it ain't Avira proofed *grins* .. If you have had it for a while and it's got "text_hk_jpgn" rather than (space) or whetever else in there, you will need SVV (easier to completely wipe and reinstall) because you have "le-tapworm's rootkit" and it will have altered code in your kernel in such way that it will ALWAYS come back..

I can't be any more specific without giving away too many tricks of the trade.. Don't feel bad.. this thing was designed for win7.. so walking straight through XP "security" (giggles" rerally isn't your fault.. no matter what precautiuons you may have taken.. Do you know how to find which file installed it?.. google how to search for files by runlevel attributes.. look for ones "system" which is above administrator, and is our way to walk straight through windows7 "security*joke*"

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Interesting article.

Well, the hackers are way ahead of security these days. The only way I access the web is with a user with no rights and a sandboxed web browser. If I check the parts of the sandbox that no legit software should be writing to I see lots of crap! I run 2 AVs in parallel and they don't catch 1 in 10.

By the way, you may be the only person I know that owns a Crown Amp. I even knew an electrical engineer who worked at Crown. Even with the discount and making good money he didn't have one. No, I never lived in Japan. He was in the states and he rented a room at my parents house for a few months. He worked on his English while I worked on my Japanese. He was way better than I.
tblossom Here is help for you.

DNS Changer
defuncted as of today :) .. simple way to solve that one is to set your dns (win7 is stupid.. it allows external dns setting overriding the "hosts" file which is now completely commented out!!!) "hosts" file back to defaults.. and then use opendns set in your router :) (ditch your isp tampering somewhat)

As for my Crown amp *smug* xxxx It's in the bedroom.. Technics SBF-5's don't really do it justice.
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