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Dvr network cameras and routing

Hello My is Lenin

I recently purchased a DVR network Camera system.
To make a longs story short here is my problem.
I succelsfully forwarded the ports.
im useing 8011 port which i opened in my router in both tcp/udp
also data port 10000 which i open to my<- Static IP)
i can connect to it locally that is fine.
I also went to and also check if port were open and yes they are succefully open.
put when i put in my external ip example nothing comes up.

My current set is as follow
centurylink 660series modem......trendnet router.....Wire to DVR system.

The modem is bridged to directly connect to the router.
im thinking i have to foward ports also in the modem but not sure.
in any case i shouldnt have is bridged..

I have been coming here finding solutions to my tech problems for many years and never found myself asking a question until today.i really hope someone can help and hope this post will help someone with similar prolems..

thank you
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