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Erratic torrent speeds

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When I'm usually browsing or downloading something using Firefox, the downloading speed is always like 267 KBps but when I download stuff from ”torrent, mostly the speed doesn't go beyond 20 KBps but sometimes it goes upto 300 KBps. Why does this happen? I always make sure all other applications are closed when using ”torrent.
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It's probably to do with the source of the torrent and their seeding capabilities, not your connection.

But sometimes the speeds are fine
"Sometimes"? Are you talking about downloading at different times of the day, or are you talking about speeds varying during one torrent download?

There are a lot of variables when downloading files.It is the same when using a P2P client.It depends on the time of day and how many people are using it.Try it at different days of the week or times of the day and see what happens.

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more seeds more speed-less seeds low speed,seeders throttling at diff times in a day or isp including yours,preference is given to those who have downloaded more there by have more of the parts to upload,being at the end of the Que doesn't help either likewise turning off torrent puts you back,seeder settings gives less to those who have set upload to below a certain threshold etc,etc, just leave torrent running & get over it.

Non torrent downloads are perfectly fine and are fast. It's the torrent downloads that I'm having a problem with. I'm talking about the speeds varying during one torrent download at different times of the day.

Suppose I'm downloading a software. In the morning the torrent speed will be high but in the evening, for the same software, the downloading speed will be very low. I got a speed test done and it showed my downloading speed as 2.18 mbps.
This is not a new phenomenon.

We're telling you that ISPs restrict bittorrent traffic specifically at certain times of the day (ie evening when general usage is higher), which causes your download speed of the torrent to fluctuate but other downloads may be fine.

If you don't understanding how torrenting works, you shouldn't be doing it.

Use a VPN to remedy this (don't ask what a VPN is in this thread, Google it).

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