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Halving in Speed since changing modems?

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Hi Team,

Youll have to bare with me, Im not especially hardwave savvy. But here goes. I recently changed from a Telstra Bigpond wired modem, to a Soniq Wireless-N ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router (Model #CWR150NS).

On the previous modem, my download speed tests maxed out at 990KB/sec. Im getting half of that on the new modem router - using SpeakEasy Speed test, Im maxing at 527.6KB/sec.

I started reading the uTorrent guide, got to the speed tests and noticed the issue, Id quit uTorrent before I started the tests.

Any thoughts on what could be cutting my speeds in half?

If you need any further info, Id be happy to provide.


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If you're connected wirelessly now see if connecting directly makes any difference.
Thanks for the tip Bartmole,

I should have mentioned, I'm still on a wired connection.
If you were using port forwarding with your original modem, did you also enter it in the new one?
If you are using uTorrent a yellow icon rather than a green one will show up at the bottom-right side of the window.
I think the real problem is that your network can be accessed but others. I would disable the wireless on your router. See if that helps. 30% of all downloading is done with a hacked connection. That number might be low since it is an old number.
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