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Is there a way to disable other computers from torrenting on your network?

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Title says it all.
Im having to share my wireless internet connection with my tenants and back when I set it up for them I noticed that a few of them had uTorrent installed. Since then Ive noticed that theyve been draining my quota and using up a lot of bandwidth which could only lead me to suspect that someone (obviously not me) is downloading/seeding some heavy stuff. I dont want to deny them access to my network but I want to either stop them from torrenting or at least restrict their usage to a basic level (web browsing, email, etc.). Its honestly just pissing me off because the only reason I allowed them access was for light use since theyre university students. Ive already unsuccessfully tried to talk to them as well.
Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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im thinking upgrade your plan to unlimited and get them to pay a share.

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as talking to them didn't work then cut them off your network.
Screw them.. Change your SSID and password. Then tell them to pay for their own service.
It seems they don't respect you for letting them piggy backing off of you in the first place.


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I blocked their computer's MAC addresses and told them that if they continued torrenting then it would stay like that and consequently they finally listened. I honestly don't know why I didn't think of this before. I was probably too busy to think. Nonetheless all the help and suggestions was greatly appreciated. Cheers for the help everyone!
no problem.
If they know what they are doing there is no stopping them except to go wired. I learned that the hard way. It is a well kept secret that wireless networks are not secure. Apparently the 'hole' is not readily plugged. They have know about this for more than 2 yrs. Increase your id and password to the max as well. There is an application to forge mac addresses. If they are smart they can get the mac addresses of all your computers/necs as the first thing they do when they hack in.

I forgot to add, 1 out of 3 torrent users does so with someone else's network. Most people are two stupid to realize what is happening.
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