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Torrent Downoads - How Much is Too Much?

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I read on some of the Threads that ISP's don't typically pay attention to User's Torrent Activity unless they determine it is "too excessive" for their liking.

Generally speaking, what might be considered too excessive?
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I think it depends on what country you are in and exactly what you are downloading. Check the hide your IP address for more info.

If you down load one UBsoft game that may be sufficient for them to come after you.

Sorry, I miss read your query. It completely depends on your ISP. Somewhere between anything and 200g/month. ISPs that are in a turf war tend to be generous. In the US Verizon has none and Comcast has the 200/mon if done off hrs. Comcast will throttle you if you get too close so they don't lose you. When they throttle you you can't fight back. They (Comcast & Verison) are in a turf war for the metropolitan areas of the US. They have improved their band width so even 200g is nothing for either company. If there is no competition, 5g/month could get you in trouble.
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Thanks Mez. So in the Verizon example, when you say "none", you mean they'll throttle you over nothing, or because of the competition they won't throttle you no matter how much you do? And what exactly does "throttle" mean?
None means you a good until the wars end which may never happen. Comcast is the biggest and Verizon has the biggest pockets. Verizon's pitch is they have the biggest bandwidth in the country. Today, ISPs are your least concern unless they have a captive market. You concern ought to be the anti P2P orgs.
Comcast has set limits of 250GB/month. Above that, they don't throttle, they cut your service off.

You do get one or two month's grace, which is good since I went 320GB one months and have been careful to watch it since then.
I stand corrected...

I put in my mind 200 leaving a 50 g safety buffer since I am a greedy pig! In the beginning they had no grace period but they may have throttled you. I think thinks have smoothed out for them. 250g is generous. That is 3t per year. Even most pigs satiate after a few yrs like that.

I have been throttled by Comcast. You can surf OK but you can't down load even FTPs. Maybe they have stopped doing that. That was about the time they put the cap I don't do much any more. I am fairly fat and happy because I got mine while the getting was good. I can always think of something that would be nice to have if I think on it long enough, until the laws change.
I'm in australia i get 140GB per month of downloads (70peak,70 offpeak)then my connection is cut down to 1mbps and unlimited until the end of the month.

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I live in Canada, and though i myself don't have any problems with them because i happen to mostly only watch old films, two of my cousins have received letters from them. Principally it is because they were download full DVD-R on very new films. I think thats what they care about.

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