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TUTORIAL: How to download torrents using IDM

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You might have noticed that normal downloads are usually faster than torrent downloads. This happens because ISPs suppress and throttle torrent downloads but they don't do this to normal downloads. This might happen even if you've tried loads of "Torrent Accelerators" and followed various tutorials to increase your speed.

The purpose of this tutorial is to download a torrent and make it look like you're downloading a normal file so that your ISP does not throttle, or reduce its speed.

Things you'll need:

1. Internet Download Manager- Here is the link
2. A free account here: link
3. The .torrent file or the URL of the torrent file that you want to download.
4. 7-Zip, in case you need to unrar your download or something: link


1. Install IDM
2. Go to
3. Paste the url of the torrent you want to download. If you don't have the url and if you want have the .torrent file on your hard disk, click "Upload .torrent file"
4. Click Go.
5. Choose Free.
6. Wait for zbigz to cache your torrent file. This may take a while.
7. Wait for zbigz to ZIP your download.
8. Click download once the zipping is done.
9. As soon as you click download, IDM's download window should pop up. Choose your save location and start the download.
10. You can pause and resume the download whenever you want, just like your torrent client.
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hopefully i can learn it
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