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IF i subscribe to a VPN service...can I download via torrents and my ISP would not know it?
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Must be bogus claims about masking internet activity by these VPN services. All claim to hide activity( torrents, etc.)
might work if the snooping by the software that's used to track who's doing what upload & download with torrents is comming from overseas as that way the vpn would be the address that's seen,however if there is an authority within your own country doing the snooping you'll be lit up like a xmas tree,we have that new law starting here soon of 3 strikes your out,where by after the third warning your internet will get cut off,me personally i have switched from continuous download to downloading 20gb at begining of broadband reset,then stopping & restarting till two days before it's reset to 0 again,it not only gives me unlimited broadband (40gb cap yet doing it this way i extend to over 100-130gb)per month,i also figure less time for those bastards to track,chances are it ain't going to work but i'll soon know in 3 months when the new law kicks in

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Thanks for the input....that PeerGuardian is a waste. I think this VPN might have some promise, if I immediately link to Pakistan VPN, I dont see how USA can detect what site this Pakistani VPN sends me there software in the US to do that? If ya get a chance explain how this could work? That idea about the limited up and downloads before resets is a real help. Any more comments and thoughts about above appreciated....
I don't reside in the USA so can't help much there,main resaon for stopping continuos download was to save bandwidth it was a fluke when i discovered waiting till 2 days before reset that it didn't drop me to 56kb,now i have no choice to restrict my downloading as the longer you do the more chance of getting sprung

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C'mon folks don't you read the news

c'mon caroy don't you read the topics you post in :p that thing isn't for torrents it's for browsing

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#9 is good vpn for torrents and p2p. I use it for couple of months
Hmmm...I'll check this out...price seems right...thanks
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Check you limit. Normally torrent VPN provides 100 GB of limit to download. Tell me if this is ok.
if its piratebay your having trouble accessing pm me
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