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I need to split a MKV file but there's one thing...

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I hope you can help me. I'm going nuts here.
I ripped a movie and I only want to take out the first three seconds of the video file, which is pure black.

I used MKVtoolnix, MKV Video Converter and others and I can't do it! MKVtoolnix looked like the perfect solution but when I configure (no matter duration, file size, etc.) it splits the video the wrong way. I mark 1, 2 or 3 seconds and make 2 files max and the first file has 10 seconds of the video and the second the rest... I only want to take out those 3 seconds!

Does anybody know a way to do this? No re-encoding, no nothing, just cut those 3 annoying seconds with some beep... thanks!
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No re-encoding, no nothing,
It's because the cut is being made on key frames - not on the frames you want.

I've used an old freeware that works frame accurate.
It actually re-encodes at the cut point, but simply saves the rest without encoding.

Unzip and run Mkvcutter.exe
Open the source file you want to cut.
The GUI is primitive so use the slider and release it to view exactly where you are.
Don't use the buttons with the red 'K' unless you want to cut on key frames.
Look for the 'cut start' and 'cut end' buttons.
Select the bit you want to keep.
Add to cut list.
Commit to cut list.
Set the output path and name
Then press 'Next'.
Hey, thanks for the reply! It sounds good but I really can't get the program to run. I download some .7z files and when trying to decompress it says "not valid compression" or something like that. All three files shared by the user. Any clues?
I downloaded it again and unzipped it ok.
I use 7zip.
Thank you, man! I downloaded the newest 7zip and it worked.
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