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powerdvd windows xp3 regionset

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I recently ran across the POWERDVD Windows 2000/XP region set discussion. I know it is an old topic, but I am interested in it because it is exactly the type of information I need for Windows XP service pack 3. The information in this discussion is almost what I need except for the registry location of the windows region code data. The sub key mentioned does not exist in my registry. I am using powerdvd version 3(I know it is old,but so am I and it functions perfectly).

This information is not for need, just for knowledge. I have tried other sources and all of them first try to get me to use some software, but I do not need any more.

Due to the fact that my DVD drive is a liteon, I can use the LTNRPC utility to modify the firmware of this drive. I can change regions and modify the change counts and disable/enable the rpc of the drive. I am currently using POWERDVD to play my DVD's. I have DVD Genie, which under the XP environment will allow me to change the region code and region count of the Powerdvd player. This only works if the drive is in RPC1 mode. I also have the NERO INFOTOOL which will give me the RPC status, region code, and region code counter of the DVD Drive. I also have ANYDVD which to my understanding allows me play region 2 DVD's(I am in region 1) by temporarily modifying the dvd disc region(how I do not know) to match my current code of 1(among other things). All of these software thing work just as they are suppose to.

Since my powerdvd appears to always use its own internal region code, I have never had the need to modify the windows system region code. In the future, I may have to. That is the reason for my question.

What is the location of the registry entry or entries under Windows XP service pack 3 for the windows region value and region count value?

NO it is not the defaultdvdregion entry. That is used for initial setting of the drive.

Hope someone can help.
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Here are the results of my attempt to find the location of the Windows XP service pack 3 version of the region code and region code counter.

I first tried to use REGMON to track registry activity for any product that I thought would access these fields. To my surprise I had no such product. My DVD player is POWERDVD which never uses these fields. I installed a version of WINDVD(4.05.28) which I had purchase a long time ago. I also installed Windvd Tweaker which I had been informed was the only way to modify the region specifications for this version of WINDVD. I then performed some actions with these products under the watchful eye of REGMON, but i could not determine the registry actions that were being performed as a result of my region modifications. By accident I came across a utility named REGFROMAPP that would display the registry updates of a process by creating a reg file that duplicated the registry activity of the process. This utility displayed all registry activity performed by WINDVD or Windvd Tweaker.

From these displays, I learned that whenever I did a region change the following registry entries and only these were changed.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\GPI\SETTINGS values of Ctrlr and Ctrlt. These entries are 7 characters each. As you can see these entries are the result of some encoding process that I have yet to determine.

"CtrlR"="O2R3TDG" ----using WINDVD
"CtrlT"="O2O3TDG" ----to change from region 1 with 5
---- to region 2 with 4 changes
"CtrlR"="Q6RIVD0" ----to change from
"CtrlT"="Q6P2VD0" ---- 2 to 1 with
---- 4 changes
---- left

"CtrlR"="BL2Q6HG" ----change to
"CtrlT"="BL0Q6HG ----1 with 5

"CtrlR"="D5P9ET0" ----change to
"CtrlT"="D5PPET0" ----4 with 5

With the value of region set to 4 with 5 changes, I used the reg file for region 1 with 5 changes and ran that reg file. Lo and behold, the region data for WinDVD had been changed to 1 5.

This leads me to believe that while this data may be different for each computer, the data will always be the same for each region change pair for the same computer.

Also remember that all of this only functions for an RPC1 drive.

I still have to discover what has to be set in order for WINDVD to not use the windows system values but use its own internal values(which I also do not know yet).
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Why not just rip the dvd direct to the hard drive using dvdshrink (always free) or dvdfab (free to rip)or anydvd (30 day trial) ,use settings in these 3 to remove region coding which will make the dvd files region free no need to stuff about with registry settings or loose region changes in the dvd drive

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