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WINDVD registry

While attempting to solve another problem, I installed a previously purchased verson of WINDVD(4.05.28) and I also purchased and installed WinDvd Tweaker(4.49). Using some registry tools I was able to at least partially solve my original problem(Region code and change counter location for the operating system XP service pack 3). During this process I became interested in the Windvd internal location of region code and change counter. In the old days of windows 98se, a tool named DVD Genie did this paricular function. That product stated thar it could force Windvd to use its internal region processing. However, I was not able to determine how this was done. I am pretty sure that this was done using one or more of the Windvd registry entries. It also may involve the Windvd Tweaker registry entries. The "help file" for the tweaker tool does have a discussion in regard to this situation but only from a reverse angle(forcing Windvd to use the operating system region location).

Nowhere could I locate an explanation of the registry entries of Windvd. I an sure some have to do with audio and visual, but I am interested in which ones,if any, are used to force Windvd to use its internal region processing(the location of the region code and change counter within those registry entries). I did see a reference to a registry entry whose value was PCS, but I have unable to find it again.

Any assistance is appreciated. This is not for need just for knowledge.
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